Leading Institution in the Philippines for Producing Highly Competent Caregivers

Filipino caregivers are renowned worldwide for their hardworking and hospitable nature, making them highly sought after. Families seeking support for their elderly loved ones or those with special needs often prefer Filipino caregivers due to their dedication and compassion. The Philippine Healthcare Skills Training and Assessment Center, Inc. is a premier institution in the Philippines that produces competent and professional caregivers. By providing quality education and training, the institution is contributing to the increasing demand for Filipino caregivers around the globe.

Equipped with the necessary skills and competencies, Filipino caregivers go above and beyond their duties, providing not just physical care but also emotional support to their clients. The institution's mission to develop highly skilled caregivers is helping to reinforce the reputation of the Filipino people for their compassion and hard work. The Philippine Healthcare Skills Training and Assessment Center, Inc. is playing a crucial role in the growing need for skilled caregivers worldwide.

Philippine Healthcare Skills Training and Assessment Center Inc.

What is Caregiving NC II?

The Caregiving course provided by the Philippine Healthcare Skills Training and Assessment Center, Inc. is designed to provide students with theoretical and practical knowledge and skills to be able to provide quality service locally and internationally. Caregiving involves providing assistance to loved ones such as children and the elderly, including those with chronic illness or disabilities. The program also includes the Wellness Therapy Routine to promote competence and general health, and to help clients with their unique personal problems. Support care workers has become a notable issue in workplaces, as caregivers often experience a sense of burden, fair to poor physical health, and a high rate of depression.


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Provide a modern-complete facility for the qualification and maintain a safe, environment-friendly training center.

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Develop students' knowledge, skills, and innovation to create competent graduates who meet local and global needs.

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Raising teaching standards to boost the overall learning capacity of the trainees.

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Ameliorate the living quality through the right mindset in training and consistency in the right practice.

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Sustain excellent conditions and sound management in the center in providing quality services.